1. I guess Gloria doesn’t really care about being a sister. I just couldn’t do this to family.

  2. So Laura is the one who fckd wit Gilbert AFTER her sis had him?? Really all the NBA players out here and I knw her sister is loose as hell but she couldn’t find another dummy to fck wit not the n-gga that had ur sister he couldn’t get none of me….smh these bishes r real thotties

  3. Damn that’s so messed up Gloria is one low down b-tch. Sister or no sister I would still beat that a-s with no remorse.

  4. I could not deal with this. Family is supposed to have your back and you shouldn’t have to hook them up with people to keep them from sleeping with your man, AGAIN.

  5. Didn’t their dad kind of teach them to be competitive with each other when they were growing up or did I just make that up in my head? If he did, this could be one of the main reasons Gloria did what she did. Some siblings really just take the competition way too far and become backstabbers.

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