Was Future’s Countersuit Against Ciara Actually Dismissed?

According to Hip Hop Hollywood, Future’s slander countersuit against Ciara was actually dismissed by the judge and contrary to reports, he didn’t drop it.

Hip Hop Hollywood writes:

It’s all in how you tell the story…

Version one would have you believing that Future has dropped his $15 million countersuit against his baby’s mother Ciara because now he is getting to spend time with their son, baby Future. If you remember, she sued him first for calling her a bad mom. Now, let TMZ tell it, Future is happy with their current agreement and has asked a judge to dismiss his suit. Ciara on the other hand is still going full steam ahead with hers.

Now, there are other reports claiming that Future LOST his suit and it wasn’t simply just dismissed, but dismissed “with prejudice”, meaning he can never sue Ci Ci again for the same complaint. Tomatoes, to-matoes?


Ciara is still moving forward with her $15 million slander lawsuit against the rapper.

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  1. I think the only thing Ciara really wants now is gag order because we know he can’t go too long without being messy and calling her out her name on Twitter. Too bad he doesn’t give his other kids this much attention.

  2. It’s possible. If he had a case he wouldn’t have dropped it honestly. And a judge dismissing it makes sense too since Ciara has not slandered him.

  3. I don’t understand why he so pressed about Ciara, his other baby moms stay calling him out but he still stuck on talking about Ciara like she some relevent celebrity. Its clear his suit has and had nothing to do with seeing their son he wanted to ruin what little career she has all because she upgraded to a real celebrity who gets her name spoke by positive people and has her singing at football games and not BET events

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