Tika Sumpter Calls out Colorism in the Black Community

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Hollywood has been called out plenty for its lack of diversity when it comes to TV and films, but Tika Sumpter is pointing out that a lot of issues need to be handled in the black community too.

In a recent essay, the actress gets candid about colorism.

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  1. Self hate is something we really have to talk about in the black community. It’s sad that there’s black men out here who think women that look like them are inferior. It makes you wonder how they feel about their mothers.

  2. Its crazy because instead of fighting against the ones that put these standards into our community, we’d much rather fight each other. And its on BOTH levels at that. From the “She’s pretty but dark”, and the “I cant even see you in the picture, you’re so dark hahaha” … to the “that high yella, piss colored girl and the assumption that “she thinks she’s so cute cause she’s a bright light”. We bring up each other’s complexions way too much. Last I checked, these whypipo see us ALL as Black regardless of the shade. Hell, some of them think we all look alike as it is, doesn’t that say something? It bothers me cause its a cop out. It’s so much easier to deal with an issue by fighting against other victims, rather than addressing it with the ones that created the issue. It’s weak behavior, and we as a people are so much better and stronger than that. Show them that we are a unit, we un-apologetically love each and every flavor and shade we come in…and that they simply don’t set the standard for beauty.

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