Future Talks Being Sued by Ciara + Dealing with Russell Wilson

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara made headlines weeks ago when it was confirmed she filed a defamation lawsuit against Future and requested full custody of Baby Future, but the judge decided it would be best for the couple to have joint custody. Despite the decision, Ciara is still moving forward with the defamation suit.

Although Ciara is hoping she can get a gag order against Future, it hasn’t stopped him from talking about the situation in interviews.

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  1. Oh Future please. It’s like he doesn’t remember how messy he’s been. He can’t keep Ciara’s name out of his mouth so she had to sue him. And here he is again still talking about her.

  2. Now somebody correct me if I’m wrong I thought I read awhile ago that Ciara would drop the lawsuit if Future apologized retract his statements and sign a gag order. Yet he complaining and so called stressed about getting sued when he brought all of this on himself nope nobody about to feel sorry for him and he continues to run his mouth smh.

    1. Exactly…I couldn’t be the interviewer…he probably would’ve said “no more questions” and “no comment”

  3. So he’s upset, distraught and stressed out because Ciara is suing him to stop him from talking about her??? sounds like some hater type shyt….they can’t stand you but love to talk about you and when you check them they upset about it LOL…he needs to get his life…this is all his fault….he doesn’t know how to treat a good woman good…and that’s an issue he will always have unless he fix his mentality

  4. Future is so annoying. He never takes any responsibility for all the disrespectful things he has said and tweeted about Ciara. She’s suing because that’s the only way she can legally make him sit down somewhere. I really do believe the source who told the media he uses the situation to get publicity for his crappy music.

  5. Future were is your other kids? What are their names? Do you know? You are a disgrace to society. It’s really sad when women are not protected by the law. He using Ciara and Russell to try and build a career. Because he doesn’t have any talent.

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