Chris Brown Calls out Other Celebrities Amid Police Brutality Outrage

With police brutality continuing to be a big problem in the black community, many are making their voices heard on social media.

But Chris Brown has a bone to pick with celebrities who aren’t using their platforms to speak out.

In a video posted to Instagram, he says:

“I hate making videos because I hate to be the one acting like I’m preaching all the time. But for this time, I’m just asking all the celebrities and all these people with actual voices…when you want someone to actually buy your f*cking album, buy a mixtape, do this do that, get on stage and shake your a*s….how about we speak up right now and help people? Can we help? Can our voices actually mean something? Please.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. I can’t even be mad. But I do wish the dumb celebs would stay quiet instead of tweeting the All Lives Matter crap.

  2. I can’t knock him for saying what need to be said. And it shouldn’t just be black celebrities either.

  3. Regardless of how you feel about Chris, you can’t deny that he has a point. No celebrity should be silent right now. Especially black ones. Sadly, I’ve seen too many of them tweet very ignorant things.

  4. This is the same guy who won’t date a black woman to save his life (not that we want him anyway). But that’s how it goes. Black men like him only care about being black when black men are shot and killed by police. They don’t care about black women though.

    1. Dam!!say that sh-t a 1000x’ can someone some disrespectful to women even act as though he gives a fuk..he’s such a hypocrite. .

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