Solange Knowles Calls out the Baton Rouge Police Department

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Solange Knowles is no stranger to speaking her mind and this time she’s calling out the Baton Rouge Police Department.

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  1. A celebrity thats actually out making waves trying to change this sad world while so many think sending a tweet will bring justice. People like Solange are the only ones who should speak about the movement

    1. BLM wouldn’t be where it is today without tweets. The whole movement started with a tweet. To downplay social media’s importance makes no sense.

      1. “BLM wouldn’t be where it is today without tweets. The whole movement started with a tweet.”

        Man, I forgot about that. Wild how one hashtag started all of this huh?

      2. Let’s also not forget that tweets have been responsible for racists who are in positions of power losing their jobs and being held accountable. I can name numerous times that social media backlash has been effective. Social media is very important.

    2. Actually the only way we can get justice is to follow the Jews blueprint. We need economic power. So until Solange and those like her help us do that, even what she’s doing doesn’t matter much either. I’m sure y’all will try to drag me for saying this but it’s the truth.

      1. Yes, we need economic power to force real change but had it not been for social media giving BLM traction, we’d still be on the first step.

  2. I love Solange. Thank God for all the celebrities who have been tweeting about BLM and those who have been in the trenches. We need all the help we can get.

  3. It’s amazing to me how quickly racists like to call us liars and try to downplay what we’re fighting for.

  4. These racists are trying so hard to discredit us. It won’t work though. They thought they would silence us with the Dallas shooting but it didn’t work and won’t work.

  5. In addition to doing footwork, there are also 20+ black-owned banks listed on her website to help increase our economic power. The thing of it is, we’ve got to start somewhere – no matter how small the first step is. I’ve been quite annoyed by posts I’ve seen on social media with our people questioning how boycotting certain stores and organizations would be helpful. Unfortunately, this is a huge part of our problem. We request solutions and then pick them apart to discredit the relevancy. Beyond economic power, we actually need unity and the ability to be on one accord with a willingness to follow….

    Kudos to her and everybody else out there who’s trying.

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