Ciara and Russell Wilson Cause a Stir on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With Future possibly legally being pushed into silence when it comes to Ciara and Russell Wilson thanks to a request for a gag order, it looks as if the rapper’s supporters are speaking up on his behalf.

In fact, many of them had plenty to say when Ciara posted a video of  Baby Future reportedly referring to the NFL star as “Papa.”

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  1. People really acting like loving step parents have never existed! Little future is surrounded by love- that’s it!

  2. I don’t see why people got worked up. Ciara and Russell are married now. He is Baby Future’s stepdad. He has every right to call him dad now. The people tweeting apparently have no idea how blended families work.

    1. To be honest most of the people siding with Future don’t even have an understanding of how healthy relationships work. They really think it’s acceptable to be with a man who is a deadbeat, and good men like Russell are considered corny and simps. It’s sad because the overall sentiment is black women don’t deserve good black men.

  3. I’m confused cause I heard there was a video with Baby Future Kissing Russell on the cheek or something……..anyway if BF called him “papa” I don’t see the big issue he didn’t say “dada” and he’s only what 2 or 3yrs old…..people are just retarded…and they love finding issues to scalp Ciara over

  4. These are the same people who were delighted about Ciara running up behind a druggie baby daddy. They has no problem with Ciara being mistreated by Future, but seeing her be treated like a queen by Russ has them in their feelings. Deep down inside they don’t think black women deserve better.

  5. Only to Twitter troll is a child possibly calling his stepfather papa an issue. And I don’t even think he said that. Whoever that woman was called Russell papa. So the outrage is for nothing.

  6. In the real world, plenty of kids refer to their steps as mom and dad. If Future has a problem with that, he should be mad at himself. Being a no good f-ck boy is exactly why Ciara is with Russell now. All it takes is one solid f-ck boy to change your whole mindset on dating and relationships.

  7. Well my daughter (step daughter) if I’m being more specific has been in my life since she was two and she calls me mom and her mother has no problem with that. She knows who her mother is. She lives with her mom and always have but she too respect me enough and feel comfortable enough to call me mom. She is now 19 years old and I never say or introduce her as my Step Daughter. Soooooo people get over it.

  8. Future should have treated CC better than he did and than she would still be with his dumb a-s. What was he thinking? CC is doing what any other woman would do, and that’s moving on from his a-s and all the other kids he has. He should be glad that a good man has taken HIS son and being a father to him. Move on and leave CC and her son and husband ALONE.

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