Ed Hartwell Files for Divorce from Keshia Knight Pulliam?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“The Cosby Show” star Keshia Knight Pulliam just confirmed she’s expecting her first child with new hubby Ed Hartwell, but sources claim the marriage is already over.

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  1. But didn’t he do the same sh-t to Lisa tho? And then got married without giving her a heads up.

  2. Ed has a track record of doing this!! Even before Lisa he was engaged to someone else and he just turned around and dumped her for Lisa!! He can’t be trusted!!

  3. What the f-ck? And he has the audacity to talk about needing a DNA test when he’s the one who has the history of being a f-ck boy?

  4. I knew this was going to crash and burn when I found out they were a thing. Ed is bad news. He likes to pretend it’s the women who are the problems, but it’s definitely him. He needs to never be in a serious relationship again.

  5. They just got married and he’s asking for a paternity test. Man, Keshia went from insanely private to learning about her divorce from the blogs. I know she’s hurt right now. Crazy.

  6. He is soooo childish. Do “Her” a favor and go through with the divorce. Ed needs help!

  7. I don’t know enough details to do the math but did she marry him because she was pregnant and didn’t want to be a baby mama? People need to stop doing that.

  8. I wish I could say I’m shocked but I’m really not. I was not happy to hear she married him. I knew it wouldn’t end well.

  9. This Ed person doesn’t sound like he understands how marriage works. You don’t just run and divorce someone because you’ve been bickering. Arguing is part of marriage. You’re going to disagree about things and even won’t be able to stand each other at times. But the whole point of your vows is committing to working through those difficult times. He really has no clue.

  10. Man this is so messed up especially going behind her back I swear these dudes so grimey smh. Like come on man tell that woman face to face hell even a phone call is better than her finding out on the blogs. Then to add insult to injury asking for a paternity test smh but I ain’t surprised they never seemed to built to last. Once again a good woman lowering her standards gets screwed beautiful black queens know your worth!!!!!!

  11. Why is it always the broke ones that have the most audacity to pull ish like this? This is why you never settle ladies. You will always regret it in the end.

  12. The worst thing about this is he’s denying the baby is his. That’s a completely different kind of evil.

    1. I think he is a bastard for filing while she is pregnant but the DNA part is a formality. In all states if divorce is filed while the woman is pregnant a DNA test is required. The article mAkes it seem or Ed Hartwell makes it seem like he wants a paternity but that was definitely court ordered.

  13. Like I said on IG he seems to be a real ahole…..citing that hey are getting a divorced because she’s “spoiled” like what women that comes from a loving and giving family who can definitely do and take care of her damn self isn’t spoiled??? I know I’m spoiled my grams and Moms told me that and I ain’t no celeb….so a certain type of man has to treat me a certain type of way……on top of all this Keshia is prego he is a fckd up individual to put this type of stress on his wife and mother of his child like this

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