VH1 Switches It up for Season 5 LHHATL Reunion

VH1 released the very first look at the reunion for season five, and it’s a huge change from the earlier format.

In fact, the network has confirmed that the cast won’t share a stage this time around.

VH1 writes:

This past season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been crazy (mainly thanks to Joseline) which is why the reunion will be done a little bit differently in this sneak peek. But don’t get it twisted, just because the cast won’t be sharing the stage doesn’t mean the cast doesn’t have a lot to say. Was Joseline bluffing when she blackmailed Karlie Redd? Has Joseline/Cokealine been wildn’ out all season because she relapsed? Is one of Karlie’s legs really longer than the other?

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  1. So they are making the reunion all about Joseline again? Boring. This show has really fallen off.

  2. Mona doesn’t know what to do with LHHATL anymore and it shows. Now she’s afraid to even put them on the same stage together. She needs to hope and pray her new spinoffs take off because NY and ATL are done. They will never be what they used to be ever again.

  3. This wasn’t even enticing. Just everyone calling out Joseline yet again and bringing up her drug problems. We’ve been here before.

  4. What’s the point of having a reunion when everyone can’t even sit on the stage together? LOL.

  5. Joseline hasn’t been likable at all this season but it annoys me how everyone (especially Mimi) likes to sit in their glass houses and pretend Joseline is the only one with issues. Every single person on this show has issues. And I doubt Joseline and Stevie are the only one with drug problems. The whole holier than thou act is getting old.

    1. Especially when there was a time when Mimi’s coke habits were very obvious. But Mimi has always pretended to be so superior to Joseline but that tape pretty much exposed Mimi for the real thirst bucket she is.

  6. So I have to wonder what happened to force them to not put the whole cast on one stage again. This does make the while firing rumors seem a lot more credible though.

  7. They claim they hate Joseline so much but she’s their storyline. What has Mimi done this season besides pretend to be gay? Hell her whole storyline has always been Stevie and Joseline.

  8. Well y’all don’t forget how much blacklash Vh1 and Mona got for that reunion when Joseline and Stevie were trying to fight everybody. They probably figured this was the safest way to prevent that from happening again. There’s no doubt in my mind this will be boring though.

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