Keshia Knight Pulliam Agrees to Take Paternity Test Amid Shocking Divorce Filing (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ed Hartwell blindsided Keshia Knight Pulliam when he filed for divorce behind her back, and now he’s claiming he’s not even sure if the unborn child is his.

But Keshia is responding to his request for a paternity test.

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          1. I see UB just added it to the post. She was so hurt. Ed really is a dog. He’s going to get his karma one day.

  1. She honestly has every right to drag him but she won’t because she’s classy and too mature to do that. Ed is really disgusting.

  2. This is so messed up. Like he really walked out the house like it was a normal day and then called her after the fact to tell her he filed for divorce. How dirty can you be?

  3. I’m telling y’all f-ck boys will leave you any time they feel like it. And a baby won’t change sh-t. I’m sorry it had to be Keshia but good women have to understand you having your sh-t together won’t change these trash a-s dudes. They dog out good women like it’s a sport. They give no f-cks. I bet he’s already on to the next too.

  4. I believe every word she said typical immature f-boy behavior. Probably begged that girl for a second chance she gave in just for him to blindside her with a divorce. It definitely seems like he is trying to embarrass her or get her back in someway. Keshia never should have wasted her time smh I feel so bad for her.

  5. IF it went down like this. I would not do an interview I would simply live my life and have the baby and not even tell him shyt about it. I would take him to court simple as that

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