Mary J. Blige Files for Divorce

It’s been rumored for years now that Mary and Kendu were having some serious problems in their marriage, and some of Mary’s fans felt like Kendu wasn’t a very good manager to the R&B singer.

In fact, Mary has made headlines plenty due to money problems.

So it may not be shocking to some that she has made the necessary steps to end the marriage.

TMZ writes:

Mary J. Blige just pulled the plug on her marriage to her husband/manager … filing for divorce to end her 12 year marriage, TMZ has learned.

Blige just filed docs seeking to end her union from Martin “Kendu” Isaacs — who she married back in 2003. Blige lists the date of separation as “to be determined” — unclear why.

Blige cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. They couple has no children together.

There is one interesting note … Blige is asking the judge to block Isaacs’ ability to get spousal support. The document does not say if there is a prenup.

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  1. Good. I feel like he was just using her anyway. And her career suffered when he started managing her.

  2. Mary has been through a lot. And with her career taking somewhat of a nosedive, I’m sure her marriage became stressful too. I’m rooting for her.

  3. Their marriage and business relationship was always a disaster. But Mary wanted to prove to her fans that they were wrong about him when they really weren’t. I just hope Mary can revive her career and get herself back together financially after this.

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