Matt Jordan Calls out Kenya Moore

Apparently Matt Jordan is furious with Kenya Moore because he feels like she’s just trying to use him for a storyline for the upcoming season.

As you may recall, they broke up months ago, but Matt claims Kenya asked him to come back to Atlanta so they could talk out their problems.

However, he says he was disappointed when he arrived to Kenya’s home to discover RHOA production staff was there just waiting to film the entire conversation.

Check out the screenshots via Straight From The A:

matt blasts kenya
matt blasts kenya 2
matt blasts kenya 3
Matt has since deleted all his comments.

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  1. Oh Matt! Oh simpleminded, mentally challenged Matt! Have you lived all your years under a rock? Did you really think you were special? Silly rabbit

  2. LOL. So I’m supposed to feel sorry for this clown? He knew what the deal was from the beginning. It ain’t exactly a secret that Kenya hires boyfriends to keep her peach.

  3. I’m pretty sure this isn’t his first time calling her out about this so I’m not going to take him seriously. He’ll eventually go back because he enjoys the attention and TV time.

  4. I have no sympathy for any man who hooks up with Kenya. Walter already spilled the tea on how she gets down so it ain’t like Matt didn’t have warnings.

  5. What is it going to take for this Simple Simon to understand he is nothing more than a pawn in Kenya’s game.

  6. Kenya is just pathetic…..being that Matt is acting like he doesn’t wanna play along I wonder what’s Kenya next angle shade Porsha? Start trouble wit the RHOA newbie or salvage her pretend friendship wit Cynthia???

  7. Twirl! Oh wherefore art thou Twirl! Your girl needs you to spin this real quick!!! BOLMFAO. The desperation…

  8. Kenya haters are so lame. Anyway, Matt only does this when he doesn’t get his way with Kenya. Sadly Kenya was dating him for real and not for a storyline. She can do much better and needs to cut him off completely. And isn’t part of a reality show filming your life? How are y’all shading Kenya for filming? Makes no sense.

      1. But sis, it’s a requirement for all of Team Twirl to never use any common sense when it comes to Kenya. Did you forget? LOL.

    1. Well right now she needs him for a storyline. So maybe next season after she hires a new Walter? LOL.

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