Memphitz Gets Real About His Anger Issues

In a recent episode of “Marriage Boot Camp,” Memphitz opened up about his father’s murder and he feels his anger from the situation has spilled into his adult relationships.

Eurweb writes:

Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, the estranged husband of Toya Wright, opened up about his father being brutally murdered by a KKK member in his hometown of Memphis. The emotional reveal occurred during Friday’s episode of “Marriage Bootcamp.”

“I already come up in a racist town, so it’s like for a racist KKK member to kill my dad, I have a fuse so short, it’s not good,” he admitted.

Memphitz and Toya have been confronting some of the difficult issues in their relationship on this season of the series, and during this most recent episode the couples were asked to share traumatic experiences from childhood when Memphitz shared his story.

As Essence reports, in 2007, “KKK member Dale V. Mardis confessed to dismembering the body of 46-year-old code enforcement officer Mickey Wright Sr. before burning a portion of his remains and scattering the rest in various junkyard vehicles that were later crushed. Mr. Mardis pled no contest to Mr. Wright’s murder and was sentenced to life in prison in 2011. Mr. Wright’s remains were never found.”

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  1. While I understand how terrible this can be for anyone, this doesn’t excuse Memphitz’s actions. You can’t become abusive to women just because your dad was murdered. That’s not how life works. Women still need to avoid him like the plague.

  2. I’m not trying to be insensitive but he is using the death of his father as an excuse for his bad behavior and that is a straight cop out.

  3. It’s horrible what happened to his father but that’s no excuse. And he needs therapy so the therapist can inform him of that

  4. Typical sociopath. Blame someone or something else for the way you are. Until he owns it, he will never be completely healed with that “I am the way I am because…” mentality

  5. A white man killing your father makes you disrepect black women, umm ok.. Side note, with him having such a racist tragedy in his life he should leader and commander of black lives matter yet he has said and done nothing

  6. In my opinion, I don’t feel he is justifying but acknowledging that the murder of his father is why he is so angry. Understanding that can help him get the necessary counseling so he can heal and work on changing his behavior. I appreciate his candor and honesty. I hope he can get the necessary help to become a better man.

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