Azealia Banks is Worried About Her Legacy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It didn’t take long for Azealia Banks’ social media beefs to overshadow her music career, and now the rapper is hoping leaving social media for good can help her legacy.

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  1. B-tch, you have no legacy…period. All you have is a big a-s mouth and no edges. Maybe investing in a thicker skin would do you and your hero Donald Trump good.

  2. This self hating b-tch ain’t got no legacy besides being a Twitter thug. Ain’t nobody checking for her music.

  3. Girl what? Huh? Girl bye in order to have some kind of legacy you need to have a career, a purpose hell something. I kid y’all not to this day I have yet to hear one song from her. Start off with at least a mediocre hit she talking about legacy girl bye get radio play first boo.

  4. How many times has she said this and then came back to troll some more? This bish lives off attention and negative publicity.

  5. She’s never going to have a legacy because she thought trolling on the internet was the best way to become successful. That only works out for reality stars.

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