‘The Real’ Updates: Possible Replacements for Tamar Revealed + Loni Love Has Had Enough

Photo Credit: Telepictures Productions
Photo Credit: Telepictures Productions

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“The Real” show runners are still scrambling to find a replacement for Tamar Braxton, and sources claim they have narrowed down their choices to four celebrities.

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  1. Ashanti? Umm no. Mel B or Eve could work. Monica…nope. Anyway, Loni needs to stop caring about Tamar’s silly fans. They’ll get over all of this once her new show starts anyway.

  2. They need to change a lot about this show. It’s kind of cheesy and they try too hard. They need to stop making it obvious that it’s a urban knockoff of The View.

    1. I think Eve would be great because she’s the most polished out of everyone. Mel B would bring the drama Tamar used to bring, and Ashanti and Monica wouldn’t be the best fit. So I hope it’s going to either be Eve or Me. Just my opinion.

  3. This show had so much potential. I just wonder if any of the ladies mentioned can bring that something extra that it needs since Tamar left.

  4. I see this is still a messy situation. It’s going to be interesting to see if the new person will be able to keep the show on the air. I think they should have never fired Tamar. They chemistry won’t be the same.

  5. Loni keeps trying to act like she didn’t play a part in all of this and I hope she really didn’t because that would be messed up!

  6. The show should replace Loni Love and Jeannine Mai with Eve and Ashanti. Then the panel will bring in more viewers of different cultures past and present. Loni Love and Jeannie Mai don’t bring anything to the table. What have they done? Eve and Ashanti have done movies, music, hosting and are business women in their own right.

  7. Then the casting will be compatible. They all have music, movies, and acting in common. I checked loni love and Jeannie Mai resumes. Neither have nothing. That’s why they teamed up on Tamar. When Tamar was apart of the cast. All had the same common background except the two phonies loni love and Jeannie mai. REPLACE LONI LOVE AND JEANNIE MAI!

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