Lil Scrappy Responds to Latest Accusations Made by Erica Dixon

Lil Scrappy stopped by VH1 Live! to set the record straight and he feels like Erica made the accusations just to hype up her interview.

VH1 writes:

In this VH1 Live! highlight, Scrappy sets the record straight about the claim his baby momma Erica made, saying that he wanted to get back together weeks before he proposed to Bambi. He flat out says, “that’s a never answer.” What Scrappy does say he did was call Erica to meet up in order to work out some issues they were having co-parenting their daughter Emani.

However, he doesn’t say anything hateful about Erica after essentially calling what she said a lie. Instead, he attributes her actions to the tendency people have to hype their interviews up. Truth, or shade? You be the judge.

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  1. Like he would really admit it. Even though I still think Erica was messy.I believe her because Scrappy has a tendency to always try to go back to Erica when he is between relationships and even when he is with someone.Bambi is a fool.

  2. Scrappy loves to juggle exes around because he has commitment issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to get back with Shay too.

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