1. Now I know the Bush twins are the messiest first kids of all time, but I have to admit I’m disappointed in Malia whether this is a joint or not. She’s really been cutting up lately and it seems like it’s intentional.

  2. I came on here ready to put the cape on but I’m having a hard time trying to defend this. She’ll be out of the white house in months. Why can’t she wait until then to show her entire a-s?

  3. She’s clearly in her rebellious phase of life. It’s hard to watch these white kids around her milking this for all it’s worth but if she doesn’t care, it is what it is.

  4. Aww f-ck. I knew we would get some L’s this week because last week we had too many wins: Zimmerman got his a-s whooped, Dylan Roof got his a-s whooped, and it was Obama’s birthday. Now this week Serena and Venus lost, and now this sh-t.

  5. I hope people aren’t making a big deal out of this considering how it’s politicians themselves doing much crazier ish. A little weed ain’t never hurt nobody.

  6. I peeped a while ago that Malia is the child who really doesn’t give a f-ck. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I wish I could smoke one with her with this week I’m having.

  7. Ain’t she going to Harvard next fall? I just see this as her getting prepared for how wild and hard they party up that way. She will be fine. It’s ok to have a good time sometimes.

  8. I feel bad for her because whether she’ll always be judged by who her father is. I hope she learns from this and realizes she as much as her dad is under scrutiny. Unfortunately, folks are ALWAYS going to be waiting for her to slip up.

  9. We have all been young once and it is a rite of passage to do what we want. I am NOT looking down on Malia Obama for smoking or doing anything else an 18 year old or almost 18 year old is doing who has been a pretty good child who is now heading off to college. Just bc she is the presidents daughter doesn’t mean she has to be perfect and she is held to a higher standard. Do you know how hard it is to live your life in the public eye and be judged on not just your actions, but your parents as well?I do. That sh-t is not fun. She is human and will err and make mistakes; but I am glad she is living HER life and having fun. President Obama and Flotus Michelle Obama have done a good job raising well rounded, beautiful, intelligent girls. I wish them all much success and happiness after they leave the White House. It has been an honor and pleasure seeing their growth for the past 8 years.

  10. Oh my f*ckin God who cares! She’s human like everybody else. At 18 and even before 18 we’ve all done something we shouldn’t have whether it’s smoking weed, drinking underage, or bouncing on some n*gga’s d*ck before getting married. Let the girl enjoy her life before it’s time for her to focus on her education, sheesh!!!

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