Keshia Knight Pulliam Makes Some Serious Allegations Against Ed Hartwell

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwelll are back in the headlines again and this time it’s due to Keshia’s response to his divorce filing.

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  1. I believe her cause what man you know gets married for a few months and then files for a divorce? He probably got mad cause KESHIA would not fund one of his bight ideals. Did he go back to playing football?

    1. No I think she was in this 100% and things were not going his way so now he wants out, Why did Lisa leave him?

      1. Didn’t he leave Lisa though? I feel like he’s the one who left. And she wasn’t even expecting it. And I do know the woman he left Lisa for wasn’t expecting him to leave her either.

  2. This is why you don’t marry losers. They will try their hardest to make your life a living hell. Women need to stay away from Ed.

  3. He is r to be trusted. He didn’t want the baby so I don’t think it’s a far stretch that he would try to stress her out in certain ways so that she can lose the baby

  4. I will simply say that like everything in a relationship apparently they were not on the same page apparently somebody bamboo the relationship but not being honest or sincere now there’s a baby being born in this hole mess that’s going to suffer indirectly because a man did not step up to the plate because now he’s saying that he wants paternity test on top of everything else. this is sad because now you’re saying that there’s a possibility that the baby it’s not yours and you give reasons because she was leaving going here stand 4 weeks and you believe that she possibly have an affair with somebody you don’t have any facts to back that up but that’s your assumption this is tragic simply because had everybody communicating on the one then this strategy will be minimized and everybody could anyone about their business but this is Life in the Fast Lane. my heart goes out to both of them because in the end they will be sad this on all accounts you can’t get in a relationship with anyone when they having any feeling like it or not this is being played out in front of the media but in private it’s got to be a whole lot of sadness. I speak from personal experience when I say that once you lose the love of your life once that person is no longer any online there’s no mistake about it you will miss them and you will think about them even when you don’t want to a certain song on the radio when you drive by certain neighborhood we smelled a certain kind of food that you are used to eat believe me so many things comes to mind when I think about it the love of my life and I lost it. you never get over it you and do you put it to the side you put in the back of your mind but will always be sweet baby you will never be free from her and brings sweet baby

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