Aly Raisman Called out for Being Messy Towards Gabby Douglas?

The other day Gabby Douglas was called out by the media and her critics on social media for not standing up and clapping as Aly Raisman and Simone Biles competed for individual medals.

Gabby and her mother spoke out about the backlash in recent interviews, and Gabby admitted the controversy was hurtful.

All eyes were on Gabby the other night as her teammates once again competed individually, but many feel Aly Raisman’s most recent behavior is a little bit shady.

Check out the video below that’s making rounds on social media:

In the video, Aly seemingly gives Gabby the side eye when she stands up to clap for Simone Biles, and some suspect the glare was her way of checking Gabby to make sure she stood up for her teammates.

Not too long after the incident, Aly then posted a photo of her and Madison Kocian cheering on Simone and Laurie, but Gabby was not included in the picture even though she was sitting to Aly’s right.

When her followers peeped Gabby was blocked out of the photo, they began to accuse Aly of being a mean girl and stirring the pot:

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  1. Typical passive aggressive white girl sh-t. Now if Gabby was kissing her a-s like Simone keeps doing, she wouldn’t be throwing all this shade. This is honestly why I ain’t been watching gymnastics anymore. I peeped this sh-t and I was done with it. F-ck all of em. Gabby will be free from this bullsh-t soon enough.

  2. The crazy thing is Gabby was trying to have a relationship with all of them and they would just ignore her. Quite a few times she tried to hug or congratulate them (Simone too) and they didn’t seem all that interested. But now that she’s done trying so hard, now it’s a problem. And I’m really disappointed in Simone. You don’t turn your back on the other black girl for a passive aggressive white girl who is secretly jealous of you anyway.

  3. Ok this kind of explains what Gabby’s mom was saying about there’s stuff going on that they can’t discuss right now. So they have made Gabby the outcast and she’s not competing well from the stress. That sucks but Gabby has to learn from this. This is what a lot of black women have to deal with in Corporate America. It’s draining but she will be ok.

  4. I really don’t even get the Aly hype. She’s really not that great of a gymnast. Gabby was better than her in her peak in the last Olympics. Had Gabby not have gotten so caught up in the media bs this time around, she would be getting more medals than Aly.

    1. I have to admit I just don’t think Gabby was all that focused this time. She let all this nonsense get to her and she shouldn’t have. This is exactly what people like Aly wanted.

  5. I wish Aly would get the dragging she deserves. But a lot of people including the media are pretending to not see how shady she is. She never liked Gabby. I wish I could find that video of her pretending to gag after Gabby made the team. She is not a good captain. A good leader doesn’t cause division on the team and make someone feel like an outcast for their own petty reasons. She sucks.

  6. Aly been a hater though. LOL. Gabby is gorgeous and deep down inside, Aly knows she’s not a better gymnast. She wouldn’t like Simone either if Simone wasn’t so desperate to be liked by her.

  7. Wow now I feel bad for not seeing the other side of the coin. But I was hoping that the only 2 Black girls on the team would stick together.

    1. It’s called divide and conquer. You (Aly) does not like both sides: Simone or Gabby. Goal: make one side feel favored (Simone) and the other feel – well – no so favored (Gabby). The two will never talk to each other and you (Aly) can move in and exploit the situation.

      I saw that funky side-eye she gave Gabby when Simone and Laurie were performing. I also noticed that every time Simone won, Aly was quick to be at Simone’s side so that she could be “in the shot” when the reporters came around. Someone must have told her (Aly) to do that.

      Aly’s parents (and family in general) looked crazy during her (Aly’s) runs probably because they mortgaged the farm to keep her in gear/with good coaches/etc. To me they come off as “if she doesn’t get the endorsements, we will lose the house”.

      Simone needs to be careful. Aly tolerates Simone’s success. She does not support it. Even Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see that! Does Simone know that *if the roles were reversed* that there is no doubt that Aly WOULD NOT invite her to come up to *share* the limelight on her (Aly’s) Gold Medal win? The media would have just said in passing that she (Simone) won silver. Aly would have been front and center – full stop.

      After seeing what happened to Gabby when she fell out of favor with the media, Simone came back and did a kick-azz floor routine to win gold. Simone is not stupid – she knows the drill.

      Aly tried to beat Simone but she wasn’t good enough – so – the only thing she can do is become the ace-boon-coon of the one with the skills. Maybe she will teach a thing or two.

  8. What the hell is this girl’s problem? Gabby is not her child. Hell none of them are. She needs to sit her a-s down somewhere trying to check someone.

  9. So I’m not the only one noticing how Simone has been doing Gabby as well. Funny how she loved Gabby up until the Olympics. She better stop letting Aly determine how she feels about other people. That’s some follower mess.

  10. I have seen this sh-t long before! Aly is an all time hater, back all the way in 2012 when they announced Gabby was qualified for The Olympics, Aly gagged and gossiped about her with the other girls. Gabby is a way much better gymnast only received a silver ONCE to an All Around to Simone who got Gold at the Worl Champ. Aly records show she never even got bronze at All Around at an event except some small competition and rate gets gold always silver and bronze and Gabby got the GRAND ol prize of all gymnastic completion Olympic All Around GOLD, what all girls die to get, but Aly didn’t even come close!!! Hater I tell ya!! I see the post on each Instagram Aly post, she’s you typical white girl hater !! Stirring the pot , because she is well know what going on saying ” Laurie and I will be the best cheerleaders ” Really??????

    NONE of her teammates spoke up for her

    I’m so disappointed in Simone, she said she looks up to Aly the most, but you would think she would support and look up to the FIRST black women to win Olympic gold at an individual event, to which Gabby open the door to all the lil black girls. I only support Simone cuz she’s black, but her kissing that white girl like a c–n before her sista makes me sick to my stomach…. Black girls stick together

    Aly is a snake , I’ve felt it way before. I wanted to cuss her out when I’ve seen that side,

    Typical white people sh-t use u, and be close to you for the limelight, the throw you under the gutter when they don’t need you. Have y’all notice every article of Simone winning gold there’s always a huge part mentioning Aly. Simone is being a dummy, but she’ll see her true colors soon .That ol snake knows what she doing.

    Aly don’t like being beaten by black girls.

  11. Aly is just jealous of Gabby. Gabby has been the face of the Olympics gymnastics since 2012. Even Simone getting all these golds hasn’t changed that. I think it’s because Gabby is drop dead gorgeous.

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