Jim Jones Claps Back

Apparently Jim recently went off on one of Chrissy’s followers after they called him out for not marrying her after all these years.

VH1 writes:

Yes, Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones but some trolls feel a way about them not yet being married. When Chrissy posted a picture of her and her man yesterday, some commenter hater had to use that opportunity to, once again, remind Chrissy she’s not yet married to the rapper. We’re pretty sure knows, guys.

The aforementioned hater wrote, “Hope he makes you his wife one day!! Or it’s a waste of time holding onto a dead end n—-a. [He’s] gonna cheat with or without a ring. I’m just saying.” Well, guess who saw this? Nope, not Chrissy but Jimmy. And Jimmy doesn’t really play nice when it comes to the clapback.

Jimmy J wrote, no etched into the comments with a knife, “B—h, you look like hom[i]e from the Goonies. Please go to [a] doctor and have them give you a face transplant. Lol. Ugly b—h.”

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  1. Who honestly cares if they get married? Why are they still being chronicled by reality tv is the better question

  2. He can’t be mad at anyone but himself because he’s the one who has been dragging this engagement out.

  3. He always tryna come for some1 wit his weak a$& clapbacks……anyway that lady is a troll and wasted her keystrokes typing ….cuz they aren’t getting married and no1 cares if they do

  4. Jim needs to shut his dusty a-s up. He’s the one who wanted to be engaged for a f-cking decade. He got his girl out here looking like a damn fool because he still wants to pretend he’s a popular rapper with options. Don’t nobody want your a-s but Chrissy, Jim. So go ahead and make that sh-t official.

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