Aries Spears Says ‘Family Guy’ Actress Alex Borstein is a Racist

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Aries Spears isn’t afraid to speak his mind in interviews and now he’s putting a former colleague on blast.

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  1. It’s not really a surprise. I mean look at the characters she played on Mad TV. Not to mention Family Guy is racist as hell. But I’m glad he called her out.

    1. Girl this. I haven’t watched in years because I got sick and tired of them degrading black people the most for laughs.

  2. F-ck that racist b-tch. She only said that dumb sh-t because she knew the producers wouldn’t do sh-t to her.

  3. So she made a joke about rape and thought it was cool to be racist as well. She has some serious problems. Anyway, I’m sure she isn’t the only racist involved with Family Guy considering how racist the show is.

  4. She is a fat c-nt cow!! She is also Jewish but does that make her think she is better than anybodyelse? No it doesn’t!!

  5. The whole Miss Swan thing was never funny and always seemed racist against Asians. And Family Guy is also a very misogynistic show.

    1. She is also part Asian. She does an accurate rendition of a Korean speaking English with a Korean inflection.

  6. I didnt see anything about Pat Kilbane (Debra’s white male s-x partner), joining Aries and Debra to make the complaint.

  7. I wouldn’t doubt for a nanosecond her mouth is trash,’cause unless she’s stuffing that fat azz pie hole 24/7,(per usual),there’s GOTTA be some kinda crap flying OUT!!!

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