Oscar Buzz: Viola Davis and Denzel Washington Pick up Steam, Nate Parker Bumped Down

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nate Parker had high hopes that his Nat Turner film, “Birth of a Nation” would get plenty of Oscar buzz, but his rape case from the past has ruined any chances of that.

However, Viola Davis and Denzel Washington’s upcoming film, “Fences” is becoming a strong contender.

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  1. I honestly don’t think black folks would be dragging Nate if his wife was black. I mean most of them were still on the Bill Cosby bus until they had no choice but to hop off. Nate’s rape case isn’t new. People knew about it and discussed it when The Great Debaters was out. It’s only a problem now because they found out his wife is white. I mean any other time a white woman accuses a black man of something we aren’t quick to believe her. But now we are taking her word as bond? So got damn transparent.

      1. I don’t really care.. I’ve already been called a rape apologist, m-mmy, c–n, and anything else you can think for stating the truth. It doesn’t affect me either way. I just noticed that the requirement for a lot of black women today to defend a black man is he has to have a black wife. I don’t mind that but at least be real about it.

        1. And? What’s the problem if black women are starting to be picky about who the f-ck we support? I say it’s about damn time!

  2. The academy wants no parts of this because of him…. But how many white actors have they turned a blind eye to and promoted regardless?

    I’m not saying we should, but it seems like even the academy is being prejudice.

  3. Idk the woman that accused him and his friend of rape committed suicide 4yrs ago….so she isn’t even here anymore to speak out about it and that kinda triggers something for me. This woman was unhappy and killed herself and this dude comes out 4yrs later making a film about someone getting raped seems insensitive to me.

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