Colin Kaepernick’s Birth Mom Slams Him for Protesting the National Anthem

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NFL star Colin Kaepernick is getting lots of backlash for refusing to stand for the National Anthem due to police brutality being unchecked, but he probably didn’t think his birth mother would slam him too.

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  1. Who asked this irrelevant b-tch? Sh-t she can’t even call him and tell him this because she doesn’t have his phone number. He doesn’t f-ck with her and this is why.

  2. Notice how his adopted parents aren’t getting on Twitter to blast him. They love him too much to publicly bash him and not support him. She’s a bigger disgrace than she thinks Colin is.

  3. She probably watches Fox News. People like her can’t stand when people are proud of their blackness and call out white supremacy. I just hope Colin doesn’t let these fools make him take back what he said.

  4. They are doing the most about the national anthem, especially when it was written while black people were still slaves.

    1. That’s what makes the anthem such a problem. Even today, black people aren’t completely free. Police brutality is just one facet of white supremacy. They will tolerate us when we shut up and bear it, but when we want to protest for better treatment and justice, they are ready to hang us in trees again. Colin’s mentions are full of trailer park racists. This country is a mess.

  5. I have to say I’m becoming a Colin stan because of all this. He really is not backing down to these racists and I love it.

  6. Too bad he doesn’t really care what she thinks. She is not his mother and I’m sure these tweets make him relieved he was adopted. There is no way in hell I would bash my own kid publicly and side with racists just because he’s standing up for black people.

  7. Can anyone explain to me how racists love to hide behind people in the military and shame people for speaking about oppression by saying it’s disrespectful to people who fight for our freedom? So we can’t exercise our freedom and protest? I thought we were free?

  8. So overdramatic…she cares more about silly mess like a flag and a stupid song than actual black lives.

  9. I’m guessing he isn’t supporting her financially. If her A*s was being taken care by him she wouldn’t have a word to say.

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