Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey Sales Skyrocket

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Colin Kaepernick may be getting plenty of backlash for refusing to stand for the national anthem, but it appears he is also getting support too.

Since the controversy, Colin’s jersey sales have dramatically increased.

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  1. Wow… I jus wish the rest of colored and even whites wouldn’t be so scared of losing money to these white owned businesses and stand up!!!! Look how he is being aupported. Although it is silent support its making money and at the end of the day wealth is power and if we would all stand up and jus continue to support each other then maybe our voice would matter when our dollars start to count and white america begins losing money money and it goes into building up our own people. ‘Y sister and 8 quit working at a bank because of their morals and how they treated people of color and I struggled my last 2 semesters in school to get my BSN. Living off savings. My own people didn’t want to listen to me and shunned me because I refused to let that corporation treat me and my people like a dog, I get they didn’t want to lose their jobs because they have families but so do I. I’m married with 2 kids and 25 years old. My sister has been married and had her first child a few months ago and was also in school and at 24 owns several business where we hope to build up our school systems, provide adequate and affordable housing for low and middle class income, and so many other projects in the works. My husband supported me and told me that one day my voice and our people voice would be heard if we all ban together. I sit back and watch the comments and listen to some of you educated black women and men on here and I’m proud with the way you all stand up for your culture and keep the ignorant people on here In line. We need so much more of us all though to really make a difference… One day… One damn day. Sorry about the long post y’all, I never really do but when I’m compelled to I speak my mind

  2. And this is why I say f-ck Cam Newton. There is no excuse why every black athlete ain’t standing with Colin right now. They literally forget that they are the ones with all the power. Sh-t they make up the majority of the NFL! NBA too! Stand for something got dammit!

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