Ed Hartwell Calls the Police on Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Mother

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keshia Knight Pulliam probably isn’t thrilled her ex Ed Hartwell called the police on her mother recently.

Apparently their messy split manages to worsen as Ed continues to deny fathering her unborn baby.

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  1. That’s what he calls being petty after blindsiding a pregnant woman with divorce? No negro, petty would’ve been going all Angela Basset on your a-s. Or cloroxing everything with a label……that would’ve been petty.

  2. Ed really is a despicable human being. He likes to run to Page Six and play victim like he didn’t cause all of this to begin with.

  3. Didn’t he leave her? She doesn’t have to want his azz in the house. This is the same loser who won’t even claim her baby. As far as I’m concerned she can be as petty as she wants from here on out.

  4. Meh, he’s just trying to get people to feel sorry for him. It’s amazing how he left her pregnant, but he wants to be looked at as the victim. This should be a red flag for any woman with a brain. He’s not someone you date let alone, marry.

  5. His karma is going to be something serious. He is trying his hardest to be the victim in all of this and I’m just so over it.

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