Draya is Really over ‘Basketball Wives LA’

In a recent interview with the Hip Hop Socialite, Draya makes it clear that she’s so over the show that she doesn’t even want to be asked about it.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview :

On parlaying reality TV buzz into an empire (like her and NeNe Leakes):

You just have to find whatever it is you’re passionate about, and always keep in mind that reality TV is a stepping stone to get there. Reality TV cannot be your plan A; it has to be more of a plan B—and just get your business in line while you’re doing the show. It’s really hard to get out of the reality TV shuffle, and like you said, few are able to do it successfully, and the ones that are, they’re passionate. I’m passionate about all of the things that I do. I watch other people, like NeNe Leakes; it just seems like she’s a machine and she enjoys working, and that’s going to be what keeps her going because you can tell she’s very passionate about it.

On Basketball Wives:

I don’t listen or talk about it at all, and my friends and family, they know not to even go there with me—don’t question me about it, I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t watch it. So I like to keep that away, as far away as I can because when I hear about it, or even when I think about it, or even when I watch other reality TV shows, and I just see people going through drama, I just feel really, really bad. And it takes me to a place that I’m very far away from, and I don’t want to be back into.

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    1. True but I can’t fault her for playing her cards better than others. Reality shows should just be a stepping stone and you should be able to get more income streams from it. Most don’t and then we hear about how broke they are on the blogs.

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