Tika Sumpter’s Baby Daddy Revealed?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago Tika Sumpter explained why she wants to keep the identify of her unborn child’s father to herself, however, social media sleuths may have figured out who he is.

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  1. I’m going to be that person again and point out Tika would have gotten dragged something serious if she was a black man. Same way any other black man gets dragged for taking roles with black love interests meanwhile being married to a becky in real life. She’s just did that movie about the Obamas and promoting black love goals on her Instagram, meanwhile her baby daddy is a white dude. But she will get a pass though. Just wanted to point out the hypocrisy.

    1. There is no hypocrisy you’re talking out of your a-s. Black men get dragged due to them constantly elevating non black women while sh-tty on black women simultaneously at times. And a lot of the black male celebs who get dragged have said f-cked things about black women (Tate, Nate, and more).

      1. Then why was Omari from Power dragged? What has he ever said bad about black women? What has Michael Ealy ever said bad about black women that got him dragged when word got out about him being married to a white woman? What terrible thing did Nate say about black women? That he loves black women too despite his wife being white? Oh yeah, that’s sooooo terrible! It’s so bad that black actors literally try to hide their white spouses because they know it can hurt their careers and it oftentimes does. Yet when Eve, Janet, etc marry non black men, they are called heroes by black women. I’m really tired of the hypocrisy. But I guess we will all keep pretending that only black men suffer from self hate and put non blacks on a pedestal. That seems to be the mandatory narrative black women are supposed to stick to, right? I’m out. I’ll be sure to point out the hypocrisy again on another post. But drag away. Idgaf.

        1. Are you a black woman? You’re pressed as f-ck and you have been for a good minute now. Let me help you out though. Black women can be as hypocritical and petty as f-ck as we choose to be. As much disrespect and abuse we suffer from black men on a regular basis, in public too? F-ck that. I’m glad we are being picky as f-ck about who we support now. Had we been this way from day one Hip Hop wouldn’t be the s-xist sh-t fest it is now. We ain’t gotta do sh-t but stay black and die, and make these racist pieces of sh-t seethe as we keep slaying and excelling at every damn thing. Black men need to either keep up or take their mediocrity to the thirsty a-s beckies. Now swallow that and keep your lectures for people who give a f-ck. Clearly it ain’t us bew.

  2. I loved her reasoning for not telling us who he is but I did start to wonder if she wasn’t saying who he was because he was white, married or both.

  3. Well at least he’s cute but ummmmm I ain’t never heard of him and that was fast as hell….that’s why she didn’t wanna say anything…..smh i hate when Black women get wit other races to just end up being a baby mama

  4. I love Tika but this is disappointing. I really hope she doesn’t have to end up financially supporting this man and her child. She’s getting way more acting work than he is.

  5. Love is Love; who cares what color it is I don’t as long as it is respectful. It is 2016.we fought for the right to be with who we want where we want.

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