Tamar Braxton Gets Petty

Tamar didn’t see her firing from “The Real” coming, so it was an upsetting situation for her to handle.

While her fans have been loyal and threatening to boycott the show in her honor, her friends are still booking appearances.

Both Toya Wright and Monica stopped by the show since Tamar’s departure, and rumor has it she’s unfollowed them on Instagram as a result.

Official Celeb Gozzip writes:

After a few clips preview upcoming episodes of Tamar’s former gig ‘The Real’, of both Monica and Toya making appearances on the show that Tamar was fired from surfaced, she unfollowed them both on social media.

Tamar no longer follows Toya Wright or Monica Brown, but both Monica and Toya still follow Tamar.

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  1. It’s crazy how she will hold grudges for the most trivial with things when it comes to women but forgives the abuse Vince puts her through like it’s nothing.

  2. This girl will never grow-up she has a problem, you can see she has self hate and she is a hater. After she had that drama in the A with Vince I would not be surprise if Steve Harvey said forget this chick, Tamar brings a lot of drama with her. Her family should do an intervention with her before she goes to where she can’t come back from.

  3. With these celebrities having millions of followers, how can someone tell if one of them unfollowed the other? I’ve always been baffled by that lol.

    1. IG has it now that you can search who people are following. All you have to do is go to anyone’s account and select following and there’s a search bar at the top so you can see who they follow. It’s a very messy feature if you ask me.

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