Amid Cheating Rumors, Iman Shumpert Defends Teyana Taylor

Teyana responded to the accusations recently on Instagram and now Iman is addressing the situation.

He writes the following:

I was young. I was selfish. I’ve broken hearts and been insensitive to them. I never really cared what the Internet said of me until now and it’s not because they’re antagonizing me…they are now directing hate toward a woman that gives off nothing but positive energy and deserves nothing more than the world that I vow to give her. I normally wouldn’t acknowledge this type of thing but you guys win. If you’re going to send the hate, direct it at me. Don’t make her pay for my mistakes. I’m older now, I’m different now. It’s Peace and love. Don’t make her pay for the mistakes of my past. “His Story” out now. Word to @Karencivil ??#post90

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  1. Both of them are doing the absolute most. It makes me think he’s guilty and doing damage control on Teyana’s behalf.

  2. What is with these cheating a-s men playing victim after they get caught? Oh woe is me…but direct all of your anger towards me and not her. Cause you’re such a martyr right Iman? The audacity.

  3. I think both of them need to leave their relationship off social media. A picture together every now and then is enough. People do too much nowadays and it never ends well. That’s their problem now. There’s no need to keep addressing this.

  4. He’s been doing too much lately ever since that Fade video. Both of them actually. His ego got too huge because of all the praises he was receiving about her body. I honesty knew this was coming that’s why I never make any couple relationship goals. It’s stupid to me.

  5. Smh how embarrassing and fckd up for him to cheat while she’s prego. And anyway she was just pregnant last yr…wtf he means he was young and immature then. It wasn’t that long ago….he acting like this shyt was 5-10yrs ago. I just knew we would read some negative shyt about their relationship since they became the “it” couple

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