Evelyn Lozada Explains What It Would Take to Join BBWLA

Evelyn made a recent appearance on “VH1 Live,” and she claims firing half of the BBWLA cast may prompt her return.

VH1 writes:

Evelyn Lozada spills the tea we’ve been waiting for in this VH1 Live! highlight clip. She starts off by confirming that her and her baseball player fiancé Carl Crawford have set a date for their wedding, but won’t reveal that date. When Marc asks her which former fellow Basketball Wives cast members aren’t invited to the wedding, she says without hesitation that Shaunie’s the only one that will be invited.

Jumping off of that, Marc addresses a tweet in which Evelyn was asked if she’d ever consider joining the cast of Basketball Wives LA, which she replied to with a thinking emoji. He asks her to clarify, and she says that if she were to ever come back to the franchise, they would have to change half the cast. She declines to say which half.

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    1. Exactly. I just think she’s trying to keep it PC because she doesn’t want to burn bridges with Vh1. She’s no fool. She saw how Carl did his other baby mama.

  1. Didnt her and Jenn make up? Bringing in a new cast wont change the show, they’ll still make scenarios for her to act a donkey

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