Jessica White Expresses Disappointment in Nick Cannon

Nick recently rapped about his past relationships, and Jessica White was not safe from his vulgarity.

BET writes:

Now that Nick Cannon is a single man, he is letting the world know about some of his past relationships with some women you may recognize. Recently, he released a song detailing the time he dated model Jessica White, and while the lyrics alluded to him reminiscing about their adventurous love life, the model gave a brief response to Nick on social media.

In the pretty profane song, he raps, “Jessica, I gotta talk to her. I gotta confess that your [bleep] is better than the rest of ’em… cuz when we [bleep]… I put that whole 12 in her. Jessica, she model, professional, sexing butt naked in the back of the whip. The type you might want to wife and get pregnant… psych! I got on protection though. She’s the best in the bed when it comes to the head… I don’t know that b***h name, but I think it’s Jessica.”

The model responded to Nick on Instagram:

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  1. It’s kind of obvious that Nick is on a quest to sleep with any woman he’s had a crush on and he wants to brag about it in his terrible music. Even Mariah who is a living legend wasn’t spared. He even talked about their s-x life in interviews.

  2. Does he have low self esteem? Is he on the DL? His masculinity is so fragile and he really wants people to think he’s some player or whatever.

  3. How do these corny a-s n**gas even have the nerve to unpin their lips and talk about uplifting the black man and woman when in the next breath they do dumb sh-t like this? He and Game are so corny to me now.

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