Courtney Kemp Talks Ghost and Tasha’s Future + Lela Loren Addresses Criticism

Photo Credit: STARZ
Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The third season of “Power” ended with a bang, and viewers are left with questions for the upcoming season.

Creator and Executive Producer Courtney Kemp took to Twitter to answer some questions about the characters and their relationships.

Click next for the details (spoilers ahead).

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  1. I was wondering if I was the only person in the world who doesn’t think Ghost deserves either of these ladies. The truth is he’s actually a f-ck boy. He’s very selfish and loves himself more than anything else. The moment some other woman makes him feel more special than Angie does, he will cheat on her too. I really don’t like him because he uses everyone. I like Angie and I don’t want her to take his a-s back. Tasha is growing on me. I’d like to see both ladies move on and him end up with nothing in the end.

  2. It’s disturbing how people forget this is not real and just a TV show. People take the whole Angie and Tasha thing so seriously when it’s much more interesting stories being told on the show. I wish the writers would stop focusing on it so much. It’s tuning into a soap opera.

  3. It’s interesting that black women are always made out to be jealous and angry. I don’t have a problem with Lela, but her response just stirs the pot even more. You can go on the Power page right now and see non black women/men and even black men calling Tasha a hood rat and ghetto trash. Why isn’t anyone telling them to stop? Or calling them angry? I guess nastiness is only a problem when it’s directed to Lela. I wonder why. SMH.

  4. Lela girl please. If another black woman was chosen to play Angela instead of you, she’d be dragged for settling for a drug dealer and breaking up a marriage. Black women are dragged for being college educated and dating drug dealers/bums, but Angie is praised for it. The foolishness goes both ways. So let’s not go there.

  5. Angela can’t be redeemed for me. I don’t like her a-s. And the moment the writers set her up to f-ck a married man, it was over for her. You got people in real life being dragged for the same sh-t (Gabby, Alicia, Fanny, Angelina), so they can get out of here with this race sh-t. They want black women to be jealous so bad but the truth is Tasha looks better than Angie. She has a better body too.

  6. I don’t think Ghost upgraded at all. Angie has proven she’s just as dirty as him and Tasha combined. She’s also really bad at her job. I’m starting to wonder if she slept her way to where she is.

  7. The oppression card? Really? Like Latinas aren’t looked down on too and also victims of white supremacy. Goodness it’s annoying when other minorities talk like they don’t experience the same sh-t we do.

  8. I think she’s got it wrong. Most of us don’t think Angela is any better than Tasha, and this season proved it. And it’s odd they don’t even talk about how Angie and Ghost got together…he was married at the time. Most of the viewership isn’t going to like her from that fact alone. Why don’t they understand that? And this is why Courtney’s plan to fix that won’t work. She will still be a character most won’t care for. Omari’s looks are the only reason Ghost still has any fans himself.

  9. Majority of women regardless of race don’t like women who sleep with married men. But because we as black women are considered the bottom of the totem pole, we’re supposed to love Angela and root for her, right? This is ridiculous. I don’t see white women being called out for dragging Angelina all these years and celebrating the divorce last week. Get out of here.

  10. Courtney and the rest of the writers should be careful. It just feels like they are writing the characters now to satisfy the requests of fans made on social media. People were upset about Tasha being betrayed by Ghost, so this season Ghost sleeps with Tasha again and Angela arrested Ghost after sleeping with Greg again. Now Courtney is trying to redeem Angela to satisfy her upset Twitter fans. I guarantee this will ruin the show. Stick to telling the story you planned on from day one.

  11. Yeah no. Angie is a home wrecker, if we want to talk race the only reason she has any stans at all is because she’s not black. If she was black, she’d get dragged way more like Fantasia, Alicia, Gabrielle etc. Lela has a lot of stans and they are ruthless to black women on Twitter so let’s not.

  12. How can he end up with either woman when the writers keep making it clear he doesn’t want Tasha? I agree that Courtney and the rest of the writers like to play both sides of the fence. It’s annoying. I’d like to see Tasha get over Ghost and find real love. She deserves loyalty.

  13. I guess I’m in the minority because I didn’t like the season. The writing is getting cheesy. I predicted most of the storylines. That’s not good.

  14. Angela and Ghost have to be one of the most overrated TV love stories of all time. We only see them smash, we don’t see them do real couple stuff like go out on dates and they aren’t even honest with each other. And they are also only in fake love with each other’s potential. That’s a recipe for disaster in real life. It just seems like lust. I don’t get the hype or why they keep trying to focus so much on it anyway. They aren’t the kind of couple I care to see on television. The way they got together was messed up too. I’m just not feeling them. They are nowhere near real love. Just a fantasy honestly. Sorry Courtney.

  15. I can understand why Angela arrested him. He got real disrespectful when he tried to check her for visiting Tasha. He told her not to see HIS wife at HIS home. That was a pivotal point for Angie right there and then he broke up with her not too long after that. She’s scorned and I get it. I’m not saying she gets a pass for sleeping with a married man, I’m just saying I understand why she’s mad at Jamie.

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