Nick Cannon Keeps Chilli in the Friend Zone

Although Nick seems to be smitten with Chilli, he claims he’s still not confident about being in another relationship.

Rap-Up writes:

“Everybody’s going crazy because they’ve seen all this stuff with Chilli and I,” says Cannon. “And the chemistry is undeniable.”

Nick admits that he “had a crush on her from way back,” but that their recent connection spawned from his new Jeremih-assisted single, “If I Was Your Man,” which samples TLC’s classic “What About Your Friends.” Their chemistry is also on display in the upcoming music video, in which Chilli plays Nick’s leading lady.

“Hat to the back, swagged out, lookin’ like Chilli,” he raps on the track, also alluding to TLC’s “Hat 2 Da Back.”

“I put that line in there just freestyling, not knowing what would come about,” he says. “A couple of weeks later, I was like, ‘Yo, how crazy would it be if Chilli was my love interest in the video?’ I put the call in, she said yes, and the rest is history.”

Coming off a high-profile separation from ex-wife Mariah Carey, Nick says he’s in no rush to be committed.

“I take everything one day at a time,” he explains. “I truly believe I’m definitely not ready to be in a relationship. I can’t get it right. I haven’t gotten it right yet, but I adore her and I truly have a passion for connecting with people that understand romance and understand connecting with one another. So you never know, but I’m so engulfed with today that I’m happy where it’s at.”

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    1. He’s Usher part 2. Chilli was Usher’s childhood crush and he ended up cheating on her for the next conquest. He seems to be mature now, but we know for a fact Nick isn’t.

  1. I don’t see what these grown a-s women see in this little boy. He acts like he just went through puberty. Immature as f-ck.

  2. All he’s doing is wasting her time. Next thing you know he’ll be trying to embarrass her in one of his corny songs.

  3. I don’t feel bad for Chilli. There’s so much evidence about Nick being terrible at relationships and treating women like short term goals. He dumps them after he gets what he wants and he’s on to the next. He married Mariah but I can imagine the drama he put her through.

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