1. They need new people. Like a whole new cast. I’m tried of hearing about Sheree and Kenya’s rental homes, Kenya’s fake boyfriends, Kandi’s opportunist husband, Porsha being ratchet and Phaedra being a fraud. So over all of it.

    1. Well Kenya has a forgiving heart. I wish she wouldn’t give Fraudra the time of day but she always has been classy and more mature than the others.

      1. Or Kenya will do absolutely anything for a storyline. Including being friends with the same woman who dragged her for filth verbally a few reunions ago.

        1. Kenya plays chess. I’m sure you NeNe fans wouldn’t understand that. She’s forgiven Phaedra but she’s no dummy either.

  2. I think Sheree will make the show for me this season. As of right now, RHOA is the only reality show I’m giving my time to.

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