Laila Ali Explains Why She Won’t Publicly Support Black Lives Matter Movement

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is easily the biggest activist sports will ever see, so some are shocked his daughter Laila isn’t willing to risk anything to publicly support Black Lives Matter.

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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore. Most of these black celebrities don’t even think they could end up shot dead by a crooked cop. Hell they think their money makes them immune to most things. So I expect these kinds of answers.

  2. I agree with the second part. There are pressing issues within the black community than police brutality. More black women are killed by black men than black men killed by police. I’d rather confront that. Failing schools, lack of resources and access to healthcare – that’s where my focus is.

  3. There isn’t a “trickle effect” when innocent blood is SHED in the streets with no one to be held accountable for it. YES, things within the black community need to change, but black people who commit crime against other black people are held accountable.

    I am so tired of this debate man….

  4. What black people are complaining about is police who shoot first ask questions later not being held accountable even after the shooting has been unjustified. Black men who kill other black men or women are punished by law, police officers aren’t.

  5. She doesn’t wanna say the wrong thing and then lose money over it….like supporting BLM and stating how you want equality and justice for your people is a bad thing now???? How would you offend anyone with these statements of what ALL people want but aren’t getting…she needs to get punched in her head a few times like sit your weak a$$ down and never talk again like the White man wants you to

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