Laila Ali Claps Back

Apparently Laila Ali feels her interview was taken out of context.

She got some backlash after she explained why she doesn’t like to post about Black Lives Matter on her social media pages, and now she’s addressing the criticism.

She says:

“The title [of the Huffington Post story] was very inaccurate and deceptive. I never once said that I wouldn’t post about the lives that are being killed in our country every day.

“I said, ‘On my Facebook page, I don’t post pro-black content’, because I don’t want people to feel alienated.”

Laila also wanted to make it clear that she loves black people:

“I didn’t mean that I’m not a part of any movement. The division that goes on in our country, is part of the biggest problem. That doesn’t take away that I love my people.

“I’m black every day. My father, everything he fought for, of course I love black people, but I also love all people.”

And when it comes to her father, Muhammad Ali, Laila is furious people are bringing him up to criticize her:

“Now for people who to try to school me on my dad and say I’m a disgrace to my father’s name, how he would be so upset at me right now, and ashamed of me – really? You gon’ try and school me on MY father? My history?”

Laila also says her father’s pro black stance was just a short period of his life and he later learn to have love for all races.

You can watch the video here.

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  1. Was this supposed to be damage control? she just made it even worse by saying her dad’s pro black stance was just a phase. Girl huh?

  2. Well she can stop talking publicly since we all know what she is really about and don’t need anymore interviews to further expose her

  3. More and more rich/famous Blacks are showing their c–nery and honestly, I am all for it. Show us who you really are so we can stop supporting you.

  4. I’m glad I’m already ignorant to whatever is left of her career. That way, I don’t have to worry about going out of my way to not support her…

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