Soulja Boy Fires Back at Mona Scott Young

Apparently there’s a lot of drama going down between Mona Scott Young and Soulja Boy.

The rapper is claiming he wasn’t fired from LHHH, and sources claim he was actually let go because he threatened Nia Riley with a gun.

However, the rapper claims he was actually invited to do season four.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

Soulja was not invited to the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion.

Update #2. Soulja Boy gave us an exclusive statement, responding to this allegation. Read his response below.

[I] Left the show; it was too ratchet. Now Mona [Scott-Young] is saying I was fired, but I never received a notice that I was not part of the the show anymore until after I said I quit on twitter. I have my own show coming soon with all my celeb friends that’s going to be huge. It was just too much drama and violence on that show. I have to protect my brand.

He also shared a photo of a Thank You note from producers after the season, telling us:

I got fired? But she sent me this for season 4. So who’s lying?



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  1. I think he’s lying. I mean he wasn’t even at the reunion. I can see them firing him for that mess he pulled with Nia. He acts erratic like he’s on coke or something.

  2. But that letter they sent him doesn’t necessarily mean he was invited to the next season. Just congrats on a great third season. Just saying.

  3. This is why Mona shouldn’t have clapped back. If he’s gone let him be gone. Doesn’t matter what he’s telling his stans.

  4. At this point who cares, he didnt lie the show is violent and ratchet. I understand that other networks has shows where the people act the samw way but its getting old. Grown a-s women throwing drinks and fighting is all you see, its time to show we can do more than that

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