Tamera Mowry Responds to ‘The Real’ Rumors

While some are thinking “The Real” could be in some serious trouble, Tamera claims the reports just aren’t true.

International Business Times writes:

Answering a fan on Instagram, the former “Sister Sister” actress said there is no truth to the rumors and that people who are saying nobody watches the show anymore are not telling the truth.

Mowry-Housely’s comments come a few days after fans of the show took to social media to share how they don’t enjoy watching “The Real” anymore since Tamar Braxton left. Some have said that they miss Braxton’s feisty commentary and that the show has become boring. Others also expressed their dismay over the show’s refusal to address the “Angels and Demons” singer’s departure.

The show has also had a 22 percent decline in viewership, according to The Wrap. The decline is reportedly significant since it’s the largest decrease in viewership a daytime talk show has had in recent years.

Even though it has not been proven that the decline in ratings was brought by Braxton’s exit, the singer’s fans can’t help but think that her departure did affect the show, especially since she was laid off unexpectedly.

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    1. I think all of them have been feeling some kind of way because Tamar’s stans are doing the most and have been since she was fired. You can tell they are fed up.

  1. Sigh…the show was renewed for two more seasons I thought. So it’s not going anywhere yet. But Tamera may want to be careful. Just like they dismissed Tamar, they could do the same thing to any of them as well. Tamar may be a handful but the producers showed how unprofessional and catty they can be too. All of them should be walking on eggshells.

  2. I do believe the ratings are down. I tried to watch it without Tamar and was very bored. They need to find a good replacement for her quick.

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