Benzino Shuts Down Amber Rose

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose and Benzino have been going back and forth on social media after Benzino dissed her Slut Walk, and now Benzino is going for the jugular.

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  1. Amber really needs to stop responding to this man. He’s very angry and bitter and you can’t win with people like him.

  2. Amber’s head has gotten big as f-ck. She really thinks she’s the sh-t now but has no ounce of talent in that lard a-s of hers. Frank she’s a bootleg Kardashian sister at this point. Just like them, she’s gifted with all these opportunities she doesn’t deserve and because she has no real talent and she’s not popping outside of Instagram (just like the Kardashians), her business ventures will keep flopping. Ain’t nobody watching that damn show but watch VH1 renew it anyway to keep up appearances just like E keeps renewing the Kardashians despite ratings being low as f-ck. I’m tired of all of them.

    1. I dont think he said anything wrong. No real “feminist” takes her seriously, all she cares about is being able to show a-s. The slut walk means nothing it will never change people opinion about her or the people that participated. I feel like as a former stripper she should encourage young girls to respect there bodies and use there brain to get ahead so their not mid 30’s still twerking for the gram

    1. Girl we are here. I’m laughing at him exposing her though. She was really out here trying to make it seem like her show is so successful turns out, no one is really watching it. Vh1 is a mess for giving her a show.

  3. I don’t understand why she even entertained him in the first place. He’s always mad about something. Engaging him is a mistake.

  4. Somebody was just telling me that they didn’t think her talk show was doing all that good because they don’t know anyone who watches it.

  5. Amber needs to just sit down somewhere. Her feminism gimmick is not fooling anyone with a brain. Why the hell did she get her own talk show anyway when she can’t even complete a full sentence outside of slut shaming and whore? I don’t like Benzino either but I’m not about to defend her a-s.

  6. Well it looks like you guys have completely turned on Muva. I tried to warn y’all about her. She’s a fraud in more ways than one. Ultimately she wants to be just like her idol – Kim and will do anything to make it happen. She’s such a try hard.

  7. Her show has been a flop though. That’s why they don’t put the ratings on her Wikipedia page. They keep trying to market Amber but no one’s really checking for her outside of her twerking on Instagram. But like the Kardashians, she has TV people invested in her so publicists will keep trying to make her look like a success when she’s not. Her show will get renewed to keep the smoke and mirrors thing going.

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