Is Nate Parker’s Career Over? Industry Insiders Speak

According to the Hollywood Reporter, although there are white men who have been plagued with similar scandals as Nate, they don’t think he can move forward.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

With Birth tracking for a soft $10 million or so opening weekend, the question has become: Can Parker recover?

Some believe so, if he does a stint in “movie jail” and takes steps to rebuild, possibly by laying low for a while, possibly by turning to television. “He will not have an easy time,” says a veteran producer. “He’s clearly a vital filmmaking voice. It’s maddening to watch it go so wrong. No one is hiring him at the moment. If they’re going to pay $17.5 million, you’ve got to do everything right.”

But a veteran studio executive notes that Mel Gibson engaged in egregious misconduct but has continued to direct. Others say that unlike Gibson — or Roman Polanski or Woody Allen, both accused of sexual assault (Polanski pled guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse) — Parker is just beginning his directing career and has not built up an acclaimed body of work that might encourage some to say they are willing to separate the artist from the art.

Others say they see Parker facing a steep challenge. His next project is with Legendary Pictures, but it seems like a fair bet it will never go forward. Says an executive at another film company, “His inability to act like he cared that people invested a whole lot of money in him — sorry. You go into the ‘life is too short’ category.” Noting that the first half of the New York Times review of Birth of a Nation is taken up with the controversy, this person adds, “No matter what Nate Parker makes, … this will always be the first paragraph.”

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  1. It’s a shame so many of us are willing to kick this man out of Hollywood when known white predators are still putting out movies with no problems. If his wife was black…nevermind.

    1. Hollywood isn’t run by black people. We can’t kick him out of Hollywood. We’re the only supporters he has… if his wife was black he would still be crucified by white Hollywood for making a movie about a slave revolt. Especially in these dire times when we are having a black lives matter movement… you think black people brought up his past?? Trust this was all YT.. they don’t want a part 2

  2. When you’re black, you don’t get second chances. This is why we need to start telling young black men to be smarter. Don’t run trains, don’t sleep with women while they are intoxicated, and understand no consent means rape.

  3. I plan to see the movie but I think his career may be over. There’s a lot of black people boycotting him for multiple reasons. Like the person said in this article, you can have a past and still have a career if you have loyal supporters. Nate doesn’t have that really.

  4. Hell no it ain’t over. The movie is good as hell and he acted his a-s off. If we start boycotting everyone who has done something really f-cked up, there would be no shows or movies left to watch. And that’s real. I ain’t boycotting sh-t.

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