Floyd Mayweather Says All Lives Matter & Kaepernick Needs to Stand Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is making headlines today and it’s all because of his recent comments on the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  1. Says the man that doesn’t even know how to read or formulate correct sentences. Like sit ur retarded a$$ down….cause people (Black) are minding their business out here and getting killed by cops for no apparent reason other than being Black in the wrong place at the wrong time..that’s why there’s a Black Lives Matter dummy

  2. I don’t even know why this illiterate woman beater has any fans. He’s an embarrassment and too stupid to even understand BLM.

  3. I think he’s said things of this nature before. It just makes me thankful that I never spent any money on his fights.

  4. If his dumb a-s could actually read, he would be able to do some research on #BlackLivesMatter so he wouldn’t have to say dumb sh-t like this.

  5. Instead of paying women to bend over and twerk in a room for him, I’m going to need his illiterate a-s to pay a tutor to teach him to read so he can pick up a book or two. This kind of foolishness….I cant.

  6. Someone should tell these fools that having money doesn’t erase their blackness. The moment will come when they will be reminded too and they will be crying for black folks to have their backs. No thanks.

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