Beanie Sigel Says Gay Relationships are ‘Sickening’ + Threatens Charlamagne

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beanie Sigel has been in the headlines as of late due to his beef with Meek Mill, and now he’s once again the topic of discussion because of his recent comments about gay relationships being shown on television.

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  1. He’s such a disappointment. And Charlamagne is right. He’s a bitter hater and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  2. It’s amazing how he has so much to say about young rappers being so foolish and needing to be talked to, but he’s out here participating in their beefs and getting knocked out in public for running his mouth. He’s just as lost as they are.

  3. I wish he would shut the f-ck up. This will be Meek in about ten years though. Washed up and angry as f-ck.

  4. Please idk why folks surprised….I guess yall expected growth after he lost a lung and almost died? nope. Beanie is still the same hood Philly trouble making, hating a$$ dude he’s always been…but now he’s getting knocked out for it LMAO

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