Kanye West Calls out Jay Z

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like there may be a rift between Kanye West and Jay Z.

Apparently Kanye isn’t happy about Jay’s response to Kim’s robbery controversy.

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  1. That robbery never happened. I’m glad Jay didn’t waste his time and go to Kanye’s home because I’m sure that’s what the Kardashians were banking on. They still can’t accept that the Carters aren’t trying to be around them like that. But why would they when they are so private? They are cordial to other celebs but they are only close to friends from childhood and family members.

    1. That rant wasn’t about Jay Z, it was about Beyonce ignoring Kim’s liared a-s. He just needs to accept that the Carter/West ménage a trois he’s been praying for is never gonna happen. Lol!

  2. It’s so weird that Kim and Kanye are so pressed about Bey and Jay. I think a phone call was just fine. Jay was probably busy anyway. He’s not going to interrupt his business calendar for one of Kim’s many failed publicity stunts.

  3. So Jay was supposed to stop everything he was doing because Kim faked being robbed? He’s not close to Kim. He did right by calling to make sure Ye was good and kept it pushing. They are not besties and never were. I wish Kanye would stop being so damn thirsty for Jay’s approval. It’s f-cking weird. Not to mention his obsession with Beyonce. He acts like a stan.

  4. This dingbat’s obsession with the Carters continues. He needs to remember he’s just an industry friend. That’s why he wasn’t even at Beyonce and Jay’s wedding. And that’s why they didn’t attend his. He only wants Jay to come around more because it would be a good look for Kim’s image. She really thought she’d become besties with Beyonce by getting with Ye but it never happened. I can imagine how much she complains to him about it too since her whole “career” is about seeming more important than she really is.

  5. Kanye is an opportunist just like his wife. Now that Jay has decided to put music second and business first, he’s now leeched on to next best thing…Drake. Kanye’s run is over and he can’t sell albums by himself anymore. And this little move here was just a way to get attention and put Kim’s fake robbery back in the headlines. He’s such a joke now.

  6. Kanye needs to understand the world doesn’t revolve around his attention seeking wife. Jay actually has a real career and businesses to tend to. He doesn’t make coins from taking selfies and selling waist trainers on Instagram.

  7. Sounds like he was hoping Kim being robbed (probably didn’t happen) would secure North a playdate with Blue. Meh.

  8. I knew Kanye would be fussing about Jay over something dumb and I was right. People aren’t going to stop their lives for stunts. Jay probably knew it was fake like the majority of the industry. But he called to be nice anyway and somehow that wasn’t even enough for Kanye.

  9. Why would Jay and his fam come to Kimye’s house when they didn’t even show up to the wedding???? Kimye needs to stop with their obsession for the Carter’s annihilate them

  10. if I’m not mistaken people in the industry know Jay has been doing a lot of things to help Kanye including funding some of his projects. Kanye is rich people broke right now because he keeps throwing his money away with the failed fashion lines. And the fact that Kanye can’t even be grateful enough and keep his mouth shut about Jay is one reason why Jay doesn’t come around him like that.

  11. Kanye’s big mistake was marrying into the Kardashian family. Now anyone with sense is going to avoid him and be cautious. Jay isn’t a fool. He’s not going to join that circus so Kanye is lucky he even got a phone call.

  12. Kanye seems so miserable to me. He said Kim was the girl of his dreams, than why is he always mad about something? If he’s living a blessed life, why is he always ranting and always seeking attention and approval from others? He just doesn’t seem like a happy person.

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