Kim and Kanye Blame Beyonce for Jay Z and Ye’s Damaged Friendship?

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not done slamming the Carters just yet.

The other day Kanye called out Jay Z for not coming by the house after Kim was reportedly robbed in Paris, and now sources close to the couple claim the real person preventing Blue Ivy, North and Saint from ever becoming playmates is Beyonce.

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  1. Why the f-ck are the Kardashians putting this bullsh-t out again? Do they really think they can intimidate Beyonce into a friendship with Kim? She didn’t give a f-ck the last time they pulled this sh-t and she doesn’t give a f-ck now. She’s a grown a-s woman and she will f-ck with the people she wants to.

    1. The Carters are a class act which represents the epitomy of the results of hard work to be successful. It seems that anything and anybody is up for grabs with the kardashians. Rich trailer park trash with no real talent and willing to do any thing and anybody for the next paycheck

  2. I wish they would just stop. They need to stop chasing a friendship that was never going to happen. Why does this bug Kim so much? Like girl have some damn dignity and move on.

  3. I honestly think Bey was trying to give Kim a chance but she was over it when Kim got that pap to sneak pictures of her hanging out with Bey at that Watch the Throne concert. Bey hasn’t f-cked with her since but remains cordial.

  4. I’m not sure why anyone is coming for Kim when Page Six has been making up fake sources for years. There are no sources. Kim isn’t pressed for a friendship with anyone. She’s a star in her own right. They just don’t click and Kim isn’t losing any sleep.

    1. Kim’s whole career is based off who she can attach herself to. Of course she’s pressed about this. The Carters not showing up to the wedding still haunts her to this day because she was really banking on it. LOL.

    2. So you’re just going to act like Kim isn’t petty and shallow? Hell Kim just unfollowed Rihanna and Nicki over the pettiest stuff possible. Not only does she care about Bey not being in her circle, but she’s pissed about it too. I mean that’s the kind of stuff you have time to worry about when you have no talent and no real reason to be famous.

  5. I don’t think Bey hates Kim. She just isn’t someone who is going to have a lot of industry friends. If she did, her business would be in the media all the time. Having a close circle and not too many industry friends is why we still don’t know what happened in the elevator. I think Kanye figured Bey would make an exception for Kim because they’re married, but he was mistaken.

    1. I mean Kim and her fam have to plant stories. What else can they do to stay relevant? They aren’t actors so they can’t depend on new movies to keep them relevant. They aren’t music artists so they can depend on music and tours to keep them relevant. I mean this is what they have to do. It’s just crazy to see Kanye doing the same stunts when he actually does have a real job and talent. Lmao

  6. I didn’t know it was so serious to Kim and Kanye. I mean they are filthy rich, have beautiful kids, a family that holds them down and they are still worried about Beyonce and Jay Z? That’s crazy to me. Give me their bank account and see if I care who doesn’t want to hang around me llh!

  7. They really shouldn’t care this much. I’m sure Beyonce and Jay Z are too busy to concern themselves with petty crap like this. Weirdos.

  8. Oh so Kim wants Bey to be close to them so Khloe can flirt with Jay? You know this family has no morals at all. They are known to throw themselves at someone else’s man.

    And the Carters would be damaging their brand if they are seen around with the Wests or the Kardashians. One brand is thrives off controversies while the other brand doesn’t need controversies to survive.

  9. They have got to get over it. Not everyone wants to be your friend. That’s something you learn in grade school.

  10. Kanye and Kim better chill out before Solange catches them in an elevator. She doesn’t like either one of them as it is.

  11. Meh, you can’t force people to do what they don’t want to. Kim and Kanye need accept reality and stop thinking they can forced people to do what they want. If bad press hasn’t force the Carters to do anything thus far, why will it now?

  12. They are sad and obsessive…I personally don’t think Bey cares for Kim cause she is fake as hell. I have a Virgo mama and a Virgo friend and once you cross these folks or show you are fake in any type of way they will write your a$$ off forever…But being that Kimye is an item and they have to run into they just tolerate them when they are around….as for hanging out NEGATIVE

  13. I just don’t think Bey and Jay feel like being used by the Kardashians. It’s no deeper than that. They need to understand not every black celebrity is going to agree to be their damn lap dogs. Kanye married into that situation, and that’s his right. But he can’t force anyone else to sign up for that circus.

  14. Why does Bey need to hang around Kim? So Kim can end up f-cking Jay Z? Kanye is a dumb a-s. It’s like he has no idea how much of a thot his wife and her siblings are. They will befriend a black woman and f-ck her man with the quickness.

  15. Lord Kanye and Kim are such a trip. They stay pressed about the silliest things. Both of them have friends already who actually want to be around them so why sweat this? Especially since Beyonce and Jay are just going to ignore all this press like always. They don’t care about this stuff. That’s what it takes to be on top. You have to be thick skinned and focus on what actually matters.

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