Writer Calls out the Hypocrisy of Slamming Ciara’s Pregnancy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and Russell Wilson recently confirmed they are expecting their first child together, and while many expressed happiness for the couple on social media, some actually slammed them.

In particular, some called the R&B singer a “hoe” for getting impregnated by her own husband.

Their belief is Ciara moved on too fast after her split from Future, who was ironically in the headlines recently for allegedly messing around with Scottie Pippen’s wife.

Interestingly enough, one writer points out that Future didn’t receive half of the criticism Ciara received, and hardly ever does.

So why the double standard?

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    1. Exactly. How can Ciara even be called a how when she’s been with less people than Future has? She’s only had 4 serious relationships that we the public knows of: 50 Cent, Bow Wow, Future and now Russell. She got engaged to two out of the four. That’s what hoes do now?

  1. You would think that folks would be happy for Ciara…like wtf did she ever do to Future besides fall in love, wanna be married and have his child???? smh

  2. Black women are the only women expected to settle. I’m glad more and more of us are starting to notice this and are calling BS on it. Future is trash but he gets a pass because black men are coddled all the time. Their needs come before ours.

  3. The whole situation reminds me of how many people suffer from low self esteem. Ciara did what she was supposed to do. When you realize you’re in an unhealthy relationship, you move on to a healthy one. You don’t have to be single for ten years either. If it wasn’t working, why dwell on it? Future isn’t someone she needed to marry anyway. She understood that and moved on with her life. A lot of women need to do the same and that’s why they are really mad. They wish they could upgrade too. As far as the men who are mad, they are losers. All they are doing is projecting.

    1. Exactly! This is one thing I can’t stand about women. Women will sit back and make you seem like a fool for not taking back a cheating a-s man and moving on to something better because that’s what they did. It’s like so many women don’t know their worth but swear up and down that they do.

  4. Lmao. Everyone is not going to like Ciara. Some of us just see right through her and see this PR relationship for what it is. Calling her a hoe is a reach tho!

  5. Y’all must not be from Atlanta…. everyone from the “A” knows Shes a hoe….50 had to tell her to back off b4 he went public about her harassing him

    1. Umm no. Born and raised in the A and Ciara being a hoe wasn’t a narrative until she dumped Future. And 50 never said she was a hoe. He said she took the breakup hard and she was upset when he started dating other people because she wanted to get back together. He also said he really respects her and she’s still super close to his fam and even went to his grandmother’s funeral. Ciara has only had a few boyfriends compared to other industry people. Let her live.

      1. They lie just as much as that deadbeat Future. They want to ruin this woman’s rep but guess what? Her husband loves her anyway so stay pressed.

    2. Oh please. Nobody was calling Ciara a hoe until Future. She had serious relationships, not flings. It’s like y’all want to redefine what a hoe is to fit your dislike for this woman. But y’all ain’t start hating her until Russell wanted her. It’s so damn weird to see straight men so pressed about who another man decides to marry. Why do y’all care?

  6. Only inadequate men and brainwashed and clueless women would shame a woman for growing up and marrying someone who actually loves and respects her. Funny how they don’t have these kind of views when it comes to men. Future is actually out here messing with married women and has multiple baby mamas but where are the essays declaring him a hoe? And this is why I don’t take anyone seriously who calls Ciara a hoe. It’s just a bunch of angry feelings. Black women are supposed to be ride or die. When we decide not to, they can’t stand it.

  7. Woman are brainwashed into thinking they should stay with a man who cheats and who disrespects them. Most times it’s woman who criticize other woman for not staying with a piece of shyt man

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