Common Addresses Regina Hall Rumors

Common appeared on the Breakfast Club this morning, and he opened up about the rumors.

He claims he’s very much single and Regina Hall is just a friend.

E! News writes:

“That’s just my people—that’s just my buddy,” he said during the radio interview. “We never were in that space—you know, that’s just like somebody I care about as a friend. We worked together and right now I’m just single, so.”

After the co-hosts teased him about the swirling gossip and blog fodder, Common doubled down on his stance. “It was just like you know point blank just friends,” he said. “She’s funny, super cool, beautiful.”

However, the co-hosts taunted him further when they mentioned that Hall said she “had a man” when she was on the show.

“I don’t know,” Common responded. “She probably does, but that’s my buddy. I’m single, so you know.”

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  1. Idk from just reading that cause I wasn’t able to look at the BC on YT for some reason…but anyway I get a sense that he is not telling the full story…either way if a dude denies that we are messing or w/e and I didn’t tell him to deny it we would not be messing any longer

  2. I’m starting to think Common has a problem committing. He likes to keep his relationships secret until his exes spill the tea. Why is it so hard for him to claim people and stop with this she’s just a buddy mess? He’s too old for this.

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