Mo’Nique Suggests Other Couples Consider Having Open Marriages

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mo’Nique is still explaining her choice to have an open marriage.

And now she’s advising others to give it a try too.

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  1. Gabby is already in an open relationship she just does not know it yet. Dwade brought home a baby and next time an STD.The irony is Mo’Nique husband has yet to bring home a baby now what does that tell you ?

  2. Can she find something else to talk about now? We get it. She’s in an open marriage and she’s happy because it is working out for THEM. But my goodness how many times must it be discussed in her interviews?

  3. An open marriage isn’t my cup of tea. If she’s happy, great. I would just like to hear her talk about something else for a change. She has a new movie out, but she’s still talking more about her marriage.

  4. She’s a talented actress and comedian but all we associate with her now is open marriages. This is why we tell clients to be careful about what details they choose to share about their personal lives. I’m also over hearing about it myself.

  5. I don’t understand why monogamy is looked down on so much. What’s so bad about committing to one person? Loving one person? One person being all you need? Now society says it’s not realistic and we should have open marriages. I don’t want to ever have an open marriage. No thank you.

  6. All of that is stemming from she has low self esteem and probably feels like if she doesn’t give her husband permission to cheat that he will just cheat anyway so do it in her face and let her know about it. Meanwhile is she having her cake and eating it too??? Either u be wit me only or we be apart fck all that

    1. I know right. Who wants knowledge and details about another one with they man. I know women don’t want to be the last to know but are we married or we just playing games. What we doing? lol I am like you, we together or we single and not together. D—n if you going to get it IN MY FACE! We can be over and you can get it all you want. We aint gon be transferring all that nasty back and forth, lol please!

  7. Hell, Gabrielle I think plans on having a baby with Dwayne she is not trying to participate in that foolishness. She is not exposing her child and her body to God knows what just so she can “know” about it. Chile, Monique needs to stop it with trying to promote that nonsense. Is knowing your man is sleeping with someone else any better going to make it hurt any worse? She cant be cool with it unless its just and excuse for her to get it in with some other man. Why you have to marry? He living off you while he messing with someone else. Taking care of them with your money. GTFOH!

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