Wendy Williams Says Ciara and LaLa Anothony Want to be Like the Kardashians

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams doesn’t hold back when it comes to her opinions on celebrities but her recent comments about Ciara and LaLa Anthony have some folks scratching their heads.

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  1. This b-tch worships white women so much she thinks black women with actual talent and careers want to be like the Kardashians.

  2. Umm what? Ciara is talented and didn’t need to have s-x on camera to get where she is today. LaLa started off in radio and works very hard to have her own identity outside of Melo. And so far she’s done a hell of a job. To reduce them to Kardashian wannabes is absolutely ludicrous. Wendy is such an idiot.

    1. It seems ironic that Lala and Ciara are best friends with Kim. They run in the same circle, doesn’t mean they want to be Kim.

  3. It’s hilarious Wendy thinks anyone wants to be like the Kardashians when their whole image is based off mocking black women.

  4. I don’t see how anyone can agree with this bs. La La and Ciara actually have talent and careers. They were able to take care of themselves before getting with their husbands. Kim’s “career” is a result of who she sleeps with. If Kanye ever leaves, she’ll have to marry someone else to stay afloat.

  5. This is why black women don’t need to hang around those cows. They use black women to elevate themselves and appear better, and folks like Wendy fall for it. Notice how black women always have to walk about 5 steps behind them. That’s why I don’t blame Beyonce for paying Kim dust. She saw how they did people she knew, and she wasn’t going down like that.

  6. smh This is so stupid. LaLa has been with Carmelo for years. She doesn’t have a rep for switching men out like underwear for publicity like the Kardashians. Neither does Ciara. Like right now Khloe is in yet another new relationship when she was just messing with Trey Songz last month! And that is despite Lauren London being her bestie. LaLa and Ciara aren’t out here sleeping with their friends exes and both of them had their own money way before they settled down. The Kardashians literally had to be carried by rappers and professional athletes! Most importantly Ray J!

  7. I don’t like Ciara and I’m indifferent to Lala but this is such a reach. Ciara and Lala didn’t need to make s-x tapes to become successful. Kim’s tape literally put her and her entire family on. There’s no comparison. That family is only the standard and life goals to tweens who don’t know any better.

  8. Naw if anyone is trying to be like the Kardashians, it’s Amber and Chyna. They are nothing but knockoffs and they tricked many of us into supporting them early on with their fake beefs with them. But the whole time they just wanted to be like them.

  9. Wendy is absolutely right on this one. I can’t stand her but she is right.

    Ciara and Lala both have lost there way into KartRASHian land. Both women are way more talented and have careers but can’t see past Kum K. They are both birds.

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