1. Stacey should really shut her c–n a-s up. For her to keep acting like her sh-t don’t stink after receipts have been pulled about how she had to f-ck old white dudes to keep her bills paid after those acting jobs began to dry out is laughable. She really isn’t sh-t, but taking shots at Tina’s grammar probably made her feel better about whoring for Fox News and whatever white man is interested in her washed up a-s. Tina is living the life, you hear me! Two successful children, a loving husband and been making her own coins before Beyonce picked up a mic. Seethe you ashy faced b-tch.

  2. Shade or facts though? Kelly does look better than Stacey and Stacey is an idiot. You can’t get mad about facts.

  3. I see Stacey is playing victim again. She’s lucky this is all Tina has said about her after all the mess she’s said about her daughter. And Tina didn’t call her ugly. She just said Kelly looks much better because she does! Kelly is gorgeous and her looks get better with time. Meanwhile Stacey ain’t been cute since that All Falls Down video. All that crazy caught up to her and she needs to stop wearing the wrong color foundation. Like Ms. Jackson said, she looks ashy all the time.

  4. The hive has been in this Fox News demon’s mentions all day. She loves attention and I’m sure she was thrilled Miss Tina even mentioned her. She’s so pathetic.

  5. Tina probably doesn’t care for Stacey because of the ridiculous things she has said about Beyonce in the past. I know she wants to read a lot people for her kids but it’s not worth it.

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