Omarosa Says Black People Need to Stop Being Angry & Teach White People How to Treat Us

In a recent interview with Hip Hollywood, Omarosa says black people should educate white people  to receive better treatment.

Hip Hollywood writes:

And even though she’s received death threats over her support of Trump, she believes the work she is doing is helping the Black community, not hurting it. “What I realized by working so closely with him is how many Caucasians have no idea who we are, they don’t know about our culture because they haven’t been exposed to it. So we can just wag our finger at them and criticize them or we can teach them how to talk to us and how to appreciate our culture and how to approach us … we have to get out of our feelings. Somebody says something out of the side of their neck, you correct them and you keep pushing on.” Well, OK then!

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  1. We ain’t got to teach them sh-t. No one should have to teach anyone how to respect anyone. You just do that sh-t because it’s the right thing to do. F-ck this opportunistic c-nt.

  2. It’s amazing how racists like to call black people animals, but we’re being told by this idiot that we need to teach white people how to treat us and how to be decent to us.

  3. This tramp is so stupid we don’t have to do sh*t just cause your being a c–n for Punk that don’t mean we have to kiss his orange a**.

  4. I’m sure this sellout bish is on cloud nine today. She’s hoping she gets to be in Donald’s cabinet. I am still in shock.

  5. It’s scary to learn more blacks voted for Trump than they did a very moderate Romney. I think I read black men gave him like 15% of the vote too. The media got this so wrong. They just knew Hills had it in the bag but she got demolished! Damn.

  6. Keep your heads up UB fam! I didn’t think he would win but I guess I should have known better. We will get the last laugh. Watch and see.

  7. Blacks are not the angry ones. This election proved who the angry ones are but don’t think blacks will forget what has happened. She needs to teach Idiot Trump how to be a decent human being. When is he going to learn what respect is. Blacks already know. I am tired of Blacks telling other blacks anything like we are to blame for whites treating us a certain way. They, white people know what they are doing. When will Omarosa be taught. Lord help her.

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